About Our Bottling Co.

Founded in 1893

Starting in 1899 George B Simons contacted the Western Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Chicago, IL to gain access to the production of Coca-Cola in glass bottles. George was able to start production of Coca-Cola in April of 1899 making him the first bottler of Coca-Cola west of the Mississippi and north of the Missouri rivers.

George completed the requirements to receive a First-Line Coca-Cola Bottling Contract in 1904. After receiving this contract George had a protected territory from other Coca-Cola bottlers, national and local advertising, standardized bottle and quality control. These elements for doing business were first in this industry. The contract was in perpetuity so all investments could be handed down over multiple generations.

Over the years the family has operated four different bottling lines, offering many Brands of Soft drinks, not always part of the Coca-Cola family of Brands. The Company operated and bottled at the same location for 105 years. In 1998 the company moved to it’s Sales Center on 821 Industrial Drive, maintaining bottling operations at the original location until 2007.

Since the move and closing production Trenton Coca-Cola Bottling Company has expanded its operations to included snack and vending routes.

Throughout our family’s history we have maintained long term partnerships with area educational institutions, providing Scholarships, student programs, fund raising and Sports programs. Our family has lived, invested and grown here thanks to our relationship with all the local businesses.